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  • May 31 2022

    by caps hg
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    Encapsulation, which is used for both medications and dietary supplements, is one of the most widely utilized processes by both pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies worldwide. Two of the most popular types of empty capsules used by both industries are gelatin and HPMC (hydroxypropyl methylcell...

  • Jun 28 2021

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    From last year, the whole working situations in most of the online companies has gone totally changed. They all opted for Work from home as the most convenient way. So if we are working from home, then its obvious that you may fall into a rut when it comes to lunch options. Preparing the same meal e...

  • June 18 2021

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    "Health is Wealth" We are taught this since our childhood, but as we have grown we have forgotten the importance of our health. We make lot of excuses to take out even 45 minutes for our body. Here is a quick list of things you can easily do at the convenience of your home:   1. Eat healthy and say ...