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Pet Care International Flea and Tick, Conditioning

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You consider your pets part of your family, right? Us too! We pet lovers who want the very BEST for our pets/furry kids, so we set out to create not only the most effective, but the safest products that we are proud to use with our own pets, and offer them to others :) So we realize there’s nothing worse than living with an uncomfortable, itchy, sad pet. Yet we struggled to find a dog shampoo that didn’t damage their skin or destroy their coat. GROOMERS LOVE IT, VETS RECOMMEND ITS INGREDIENTS! Because we included JUST THE RIGHT COMBINATION to get maximum itch relief and skin soothing benefits, you’ll SEE RESULTS the FIRST TIME YOU USE IT. THE BEST PART? IT TURNS BATH TIME INTO PLAY TIME AGAIN! Customers say “It smells delicious!” with an aroma that SOOTHES even the feistiest pets during bath time. It will leave your pet smelling CLEAN and NATURAL for days or even weeks!


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